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Haarpflege-Sets  Argan / Amore di Colonia  Shampoo & Nourishing Mask-Mask

Haarpflege-Sets Argan / Amore di Colonia Shampoo & Nourishing Mask-Mask

45,00 €Preis

Argan Essence Shampoo: Nourishing shampoo rich in tropical oils such as Argan oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Thanks to this formula, the shampoo can be used an all types of hair. It cleanses delicately and nourishes and fortifies the hair, protecting it form the action of free radicals ans ageing. Directions for use: spread uniformly over the hair ans sclap, massage delicately to create foam and then rinse. Repeat the operation, leaving the product on the hair for 2-5 min, rinse well dab off excess water.


Inhalt: 250 ml


EN Nourishing Mask-Mask: Containing Argan Oil, suitable for sensitized and stressed hair. Thanks to its nourishing properties, Argan Oil helps restore a high level of hair hydration, giving the hair body and shine. The addition of Lawsonia inermis produces a fortifying effects interacting directly with the keratin in the hair to repair and protect it against external agents. How to use: Spread uniformly on washed and dab-dried hair; massage delicately, insisting on the more stressed locks. Leave in place for 2-5 min. Rinse well with lukewarm water and proceed to dry. 


Inhalt: 250 ml

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